What Is Peacock Application?

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The peacock is a colourful bird. Its tail is also very attractive… This application tries to bring some colour and attractiveness to your android device. In short, it allows you to customise your notifications bar in a simple way whenever there’s new notification received on your phone.


The notification bar can be customised through changing its background colour. The text color investigators russian solarwindsstreetjournal, as well as the layout of buttons and icons in the notification bar will also change according to the current foreground application color scheme.


This project is made as an entry for 4th Annual Droidcon NYC App Challenge


Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is a premier trade show for computer and video games and related products. Every year millions of gamers as well as game designers around the world wait eagerly to see what new will be showcased at this conference. E3 conferences usually start on 11 th of June every year and ends on the 13 the In . order to celebrate the arrival of this grand event, apps-droidcon-nyc has invited competitors to showcase their applications as a part of 4 th Annual Droidcon NYC App Challenge. This year only those apps will be showcased which are based on Material Design and can make use of Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK features.


How to delete a peacock account


You are free to uninstall the application anytime. I promise that it will not interfere with your life anymore. If you want israeli 64m seriesorbachctech, you can always create a new account in the future when/if the need arise. I hope this explains everything.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there’s anything unclear or any part of the documentation is missing. I would be more than happy to fix it for you.


How many peacocks are there in the world?


The number of peacocks in the world is currently unknown. However, they can never become extinct since their population is on the rise due to increasing awareness of environmental conservation among people around the globe. Furthermore, they are also quite popular among the people of many nations who love to keep peacocks as pets.


Peacock Terms Of Service Agreement


I, _________________________________ , having created this application with my skills and computer literate, declare that I am owning full rights of this software program. Furthermore, according to the rules stated in the agreement, the application will only be used for good purposes and will not be used in any manner which can harm, destroy or tamper with hardware components of the device.

I will also make this software program available to public without any cost. However, if anyone wishes to share the profits then I am fine with that as well.

The software program will not be used to access, transmit or store illegal or pornographic contents. Any copyrighted materials are also not allowed to be stored within the program.


How to install Peacock Application?


In order to install this application you need to have a phone which is running on Android Lollipop version 5.0 or later. Furthermore, the device must also have Root Permissions enabled and Xposed framework installed. This is because this application makes use of Xposed modules in order to manipulate system elements such as notification background color. Finally, this application uses a few modules from GravityBox Xposed Module by C3C076, 361m yoy 277m 14.5mdillettechcrunch. This is a free module but please keep in mind that you need to have Xposed framework installed on your device for these modules to work properly.




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