SoundCloud Alternative 2021: 10+ Best Sites Like Soundcloud

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SoundCloud is dead, or at least on its way out. There are already 10+ SoundCloud alternatives you can use instead of relying on the site that nearly went bankrupt in 2018.

The “bandcamp” is a platform that allows artists to upload their music and sell it. This website is similar to Soundcloud, but differs in the fact that they do not have advertisements on their site. The “bandcamp” has an open API, which means you can make your own app for this website.


Soundcloud has been the go-to place for artists to post, stream, and share their music with legions of followers all over the globe for over a decade. It’s a terrific place for music fans to find new artists and underground music. SoundCloud, like Spotify and YouTube, enables artists to post and share their music with fans. SoundCloud’s survival, however, is in peril due to a slew of recent financial difficulties. Fortunately, there are numerous excellent SoundCloud alternatives that provide comparable functionality.

These services, like as SoundCloud, assist young independent musicians and bands in building a fan following and sharing/selling music across various social media platforms without having to worry about commission fees. Songs fans may also remain in contact with new bands directly, hear music from these unblocked music sites, and learn more about their favorite underground groups’ composition process. Even better, some of these SoundCloud competitors are absolutely free and do not need a monthly membership!

In 2021, here are 10+ of the best SoundCloud alternatives.

1) Create a BandCamp account.

Many consider BandCamp to be a serious SoundCloud rival, with a diverse roster of independent musicians, producers, metal bands, beat makers, and alternative rock performers. Members of Bandcamp have their own customisable microsites where they may submit songs for free and share music with followers who can listen to all of their tracks for free. 

In fact, listeners have the option of purchasing full albums or individual tracks at a price they choose. They may also join an artist’s email list and contribute to the artist or download free songs or albums. BandCamp, on the other hand, charges a 15% commission fee until sales reach a certain number.

ReverbNation (#2)


ReverbNation has been around for a while, but unlike SoundCloud, it concentrates on independent bands and underground hip hop artists from across the world. Reverbnation is a useful Soundcloud alternative since it links aspiring musicians with local fans and gives them a solid footing in their own music ecosystems.

ReverbNation is a goldmine for music fans looking for the hottest up-and-coming artists in their area. Even better, it assists artists in their development by connecting them to key figures in the music business, establishing a fan base, and marketing their work.

3) SoundMack


Audiomack is one of the top sites like SoundCloud on the internet. It’s a complete platform for hip-hop and trap musicians. In recent years, it has developed a cult following among mixtape makers and DJs. 

AudioMack is similar to SoundCloud in many ways, including design. It allows you to share, repost, like/favorite, and add tunes to playlists. Not to mention that, unlike SoundCloud, which costs $180 a year, AudioMack is completely free and offers limitless storage. 

4) YungCloud YungCloud YungCloud YungCloud 


YungCloud is a relatively unknown SoundCloud alternative that provides a trillion audio recordings for music fans looking for fresh music from independent musicians all around the globe. However, YungCloud is tainted by a disproportionately large quantity of bootlegs from free music download sites, which may deter artists who wish to submit and monetise their music.

Overall, although YungCloud is extremely attractive for individuals who want to discover heaps of new music, it comes out as complacent when it comes to music piracy, and it urgently has to address these concerns in order to earn the confidence of aspiring artists across the globe.

5) Hearthhistory 



HearThis is one of the greatest sites like SoundCloud that incorporates feeds and allows you to like, comment, and share music, and it comes with a slew of features. There’s also a cool function called “Maps” that keeps you up to date on the local music scene. 

HearThis also enables artists to import their SoundCloud profile and move their complete career to the site, eliminating the need for them to re-upload tunes. HearThis is eerily similar to SoundCloud in that it allows users to join groups and organize their feed by genre or total track duration. 

MixCloud (No. 6) 


MixCloud is a unique SoundCloud alternative that caters to podcasters, DJs, and talk show presenters rather than single singers, bands, or artists. Furthermore, Mixcloud does not create a relationship between artists and listeners, however you may find new material by utilizing the built-in search feature to look for an artist’s name. 

MixCloud also only allows you to upload one track at a time rather than complete albums. Overall, it’s a good choice if you want to listen to podcasts on a variety of themes, but it’s not that appealing if you want to find new music. 

7) Orfium


Orfium, perhaps the fastest-growing online platform for artists, allows you to instantly submit your songs as well as advertise, sell, license, and even monetise your music using copyrights. As a result, if your music are played on YouTube or Facebook, you are eligible to receive royalties. You will, however, have to pay Orfium a commission on your earnings.

Orifium, on the other hand, is an excellent SoundCloud alternative that includes a “Discovery” option for discovering new artists, genres, or just playing music depending on your mood swings. 

8) Jamming

Soundcloud alternative

Jamendo is an online free music distribution network that includes songs under Creative Commons licenses. It was founded in 2005. Dedicated music fans can find a wealth of free music from a variety of genres on our website. Jamendo also offers an iPhone app that is regarded as one of the greatest free music download applications available.

Jamendo also connects new performers with followers since anybody may share their music for the world to enjoy. Overall, Jamendo is a fantastic SoundCloud alternative that connects a worldwide community of ardent indie music fans. 

NoiseTrade (nine)


NoiseTrade, a streaming service established in Nashville, TN, has all the bells and whistles, as well as a user-friendly interface, where independent artists can submit their songs/albums and share them with listeners for free.

NoiseTrade, which was founded in 2008, has now added a new function that allows writers to freely share their literary works and audiobooks with eager readers without having to worry about digital rights management. Despite this, the site is known for helping up-and-coming independent solo artists and bands launch their careers.

SoundClick 10)


SoundClick is a refuge for emerging artists and listeners who wish to discover new underground music, thanks to a rich and helpful community forum. Soundclick also enables musicians and producers to sell their songs directly. It’s become a refuge for beatmakers to sell beats to rappers, trap musicians, and other artists in recent years. 

SoundClick is a social platform for producers, beat makers, and solo artists that wish to share their music online. 

That’s all there is to it! Did you like our 2019 list of the top SoundCloud alternatives? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

The “soundcloud alternative for musicians” is a website that provides an easy way to share and upload your music. It has been around since 2008, and is still going strong. There are plenty of sites like Soundcloud, but we’ll go over the 10+ best ones here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What app is similar to SoundCloud?

A: SoundCloud is an online platform for sharing and discovering music. It has a wide range of content from different genres like classical, jazz, hip-hop/rap to electronic dance music

Is Audiomack better than SoundCloud?

A: Audiomack is a music streaming service that specializes in high-quality audio files. Its better than SoundCloud because it offers a large variety of songs and higher bitrates, minimal ads, and more royalties for artists.

Whats better SoundCloud or Bandcamp?

A: I would recommend Bandcamp because you can listen to your favourite songs in 25 different languages.

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