10+ Best Sites to Watch Series Online Free in 2020

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This article will provide a list of 10+ best sites to watch series online free in 2020. Streaming television is the future, and this new era has just begun. These are some of the most popular TV shows that people want to binge on now while they’re still available for streaming: 1) The Twilight Zone 2) Sherlock 3) Black Mirror 4) Stranger Things 5) Lost In Space 6) Doctor Who 7 ) Game Of Thrones 8 ) Star Trek 9 ) New Girl 10).

The “watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading” is a list of 10+ sites that allow users to watch TV series online for free. It also includes the websites that are recommended by the author.


The introduction of modern smartphones and high-speed data connections has resulted in a significant shift in how people consume digital content. Every year, new internet streaming services emerge to allow users to see the most recent high-definition films. Not to mention that there are now a slew of websites that allow you to watch shows online for free. These websites have attractive user interfaces and are full-fledged digital video content repositories.

The days of paying a cable membership fee to watch your favorite TV programs in the comfort of your own home are long gone. You may now easily stream or watch shows online from anyplace. While some famous online streaming services demand a monthly membership fee, others don’t even ask you to join up.

So, to spare you the trouble of paying for premium streaming services or scouring Reddit for answers, we’ve compiled a list of the best free places to watch movies, live programs, and TV series online. Let’s get started now, without further ado. 

The Top 10 Sites to Watch TV Shows Online in 2020

1) Observe the series

Watch Series is unrivaled when it comes to unrestricted streaming of TV series and movies. Watch Programs is a one-of-a-kind portal that allows you to conveniently locate intriguing and free TV series online. 

Watch Series provides a useful classification of all the most recent TV programs, grouped alphabetically by number of seasons, material quality (HD, full 1080HD), and IMDB rating. As a result, you’ll be able to tell which new TV series is your favorite at first sight. 


The main draw of this website is that it provides whole episodes of TV series without any advertising. Furthermore, it enables you to view whole episodes of your favorite TV series with ease. International TV shows dubbed in English are also available. 

2) Crackle by Sony

Sony’s Crackle has quickly climbed through the ranks of internet streaming applications to become a giant. The website has a large selection of free movies and TV shows in stunning HD video quality.

Users can join up in seconds and begin tracking their favorite TV series by browsing through categories such as action, crime comedy, animation, drama, and more. It also integrates with a variety of devices, including Android TV and Smart TV.

Crackle’s Android app also allows for hassle-free streaming. The only drawback is that it is not completely ad-free, so you may have to deal with advertisements.

3) Tubi Television

watch series online

Tubi TV is at the forefront of the digital streaming revolution, as one of the top free online streaming services for watching programs online. One of the site’s appealing features is that it does not need registration. You can also build a custom watch list of your favorite TV episodes to get personalized recommendations based on your watching history.

Tubi TV has a clean and simple user experience that is free of superfluous UX clutter. As a result, you may always skim through a variety of TV series genres including comedy, drama, reality, crime, and so on.

Tubi has all of your digital entertainment requirements covered, with over 40,000 TV series and movies to choose from. You can watch your favorite programs on the move by downloading its Android and iOS applications.

4) SnagFilms (SnapFilms)


watch series online

SnagFilm has a modern user-friendly design that makes watching HD video a pleasurable experience, in addition to a massive library of movies and TV series. You may quickly browse a variety of categories, including Drama, World History, and Wildlife, to mention a few.

SnagFilms is ideal for viewing award-winning documentaries and classic films from the past. It also boasts easy connectivity with other platforms and mobile devices, like Roku and Smart TV, thanks to two handy applications for Android and iOS.

However, you may see invasive advertisements from time to time, which may interfere with your viewing experience.

HotStar (#5)

watch series online free

Hotstar is a prominent streaming service in Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent, that offers customers with infinite video material to watch programs online.

You can watch famous English TV shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld, as well as other HBO original programs that aren’t accessible on Netflix.

It also provides a plethora of other digital material, such as movies, live matches, and music videos, to name a few. Hotstar is accessible in both free and paid editions, as well as mobile app versions for Android and iOS.

YesMovies, NoMovies, NoMovies, NoMovi

watch series online free

Look no farther than YesMovies if you’re seeking for a place to view all of the newest Game of Thrones episodes online. All prominent TV shows, like Westworld, Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, and Homeland, have entire catalogs available on the site.

Because of the use of handy thumbnail display features, the UI is clean and well-designed, with smooth navigation accessibility. 

When compared to other sites that provide free online TV series, YesMovies has less adverts and banners. As a result, consumers will not be subjected to an obtrusive streaming experience. 

7) Films on Demand

watch series online

FMovies, without a doubt one of the most popular online streaming sites, also enables users to download movies and TV shows to watch offline. Not to mention that you may use the service to view dubbed teleseries in English or stream free TV episodes with subtitles.

On the user interface aspect, FMovies has a well-designed interface with simple navigation. In addition, you will be able to see our favorite video material in full HD definition. The only drawback is that its principal domain changes often, so you may need to depend on Fmovies Proxy and Mirror to acquire the most up-to-date connections. 

8) Popcornflix is a movie streaming service that allows you to watch movies while


watch tv shows online

Popcornflix is a tremendously popular legal streaming service that also provides full-length movies, original web series, documentaries, and foreign films in multiple languages, making it a one-stop destination for watching series online for free. 

You may select your favorite TV series on the move by browsing through genres like action, science fiction, comedy, and horror. Alternatively, you may view the “Staff Picks” section of popular television series. 

Furthermore, Popcornflix provides famous classic episodes from the past as a homage to 90’s youngsters nostalgic for their upbringing. Super Mario 3 Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog are among the nostalgic titles on the list.

ShareTV (number 9)

watch tv shows online

Share TV is another wonderful alternative for watching a variety of free TV episodes online in your spare time. It has a basic user interface with numerous categories that organize a huge collection of TV series. 

Here’s some good news if you’re undecided about which TV series episode you’ll binge on. ShareTV has some really sophisticated filters to help you locate the precise material you’re looking for depending on your preferences. 

You may also start streaming right now by typing the name of your favorite TV show into the search box. Then you may go through all of the available links connected to your search query and choose the one that most closely matches your hobbies or preferences.

10) Television

watch tv shows online

TV Player, a free TV streaming service with over 100 channels to watch programs online for free on both desktop and mobile, rounds out the list. Nat Geo Wild, Discovery, National Geographic, CNN, Animal Planet, BBC 1, and BBC 2 are just a few of the free networks available.

Simply register on the website to begin enjoying your favorite programs. It also has more than 30 premium channels for which a monthly membership is required.

TV Player, on the other hand, is now exclusively accessible in the United Kingdom. As a result, visitors from other countries may encounter access restrictions. Using a VPN service to overcome geo-restrictions is one potential option. 

That’s all there is to it! Did you like our list of the top places to watch free TV shows online? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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The “best sites to watch series online free reddit” is a list of 10+ websites that will be the best places to watch series in 2020. The article also includes some other interesting facts about what you can expect from these websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which website is best for series?

A: The best website for series is obviously Netflix. It has a wide variety of series to watch, including many that are not available on other websites.

Where can I watch 2021 for free?

A: You can watch 2021 for free on the official site

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