How to fix a Dell Inspiron Laptop That Won’t Boot into Windows? [Solved]

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Dell Inspiron laptops will not boot past the dell screen. This can be fixed by using a USB flash drive and booting from it. Read more in detail here: dell laptop won’t boot past dell screen.

How to repair a Dell Inspiron laptop that won’t boot into Windows and is stuck on a black screen during startup?

When you purchase a new gadget, you have high expectations. And if that gadget fails to meet your expectations, you become irritated quickly. Unfortunately, many Dell Inspiron customers are experiencing similar issues. But that’s OK; it happens. We are here to assist you in resolving the issue.

But, most essential, you must first determine the nature of the issue with your Dell Inspiron. There would be two problems that might arise. Your Dell laptop either won’t power on or will turn on but won’t boot to Windows OS. As a result, it is preferable to have a thorough understanding of your laptop’s issue before attempting to resolve it.     

If your computer won’t start, you’ll have to deal with a variety of issues, including software failure and hardware failure. And if your computer won’t start, there’s a good possibility it’s due to a software issue that prevents the machine from booting to the Windows operating system.  

Before we get into the details of the issue, there are a few factors that may prevent your system from starting up.  

There are a few things that may prevent your Dell laptop from booting into Windows.

Computers or laptops get stuck for a variety of reasons, the most common of which being faulty software or programs. Most of the time, antivirus software, often known as security software, creates issues. In such situation, you should temporarily uninstall such software from your system before running your laptop to ensure that the security software is not the cause. If this is the case, you’ll need to change your security settings by installing a reliable antivirus.

If you can’t figure out what’s causing the issue, I recommend contacting Dell support or a software developer. Instead, Windows crashing and being stuck may be caused by damaged drivers or minor system problems.

Linked peripherals to the system, such as an external mouse, flash drive, another connected keyboard, extra memory card/SD card, and other laptop accessories that are attached to the Dell Inspiron, may also prevent the system from booting into Windows. Remove any external devices, then carefully reconnect them before turning on your laptop.  

We’ve gone through a few scenarios that may prevent your machine from booting. Now look at the issues that are causing your Dell laptop to get stuck and display a black screen on startup.

Troubleshooting for Dell Inspiron 

Before you declare/accept that your Dell computer isn’t starting up, consider when and why the issue began. Is it because you updated your Windows or installed a new app? Or did you connect an external device that may interfere with booting? This consideration will assist you in identifying the underlying cause and enabling you to resolve the issue without the need for outside assistance.

When your computer became stuck due to an error, remember that error since various errors have different meanings that you must Google. If all of the preceding methods fail and your laptop still won’t turn on, you should follow the instructions outlined below.        

The First Step

When your computer becomes stuck, restart it. It’s not your typical method of restarting your laptop. It is an obtrusive method of restarting the machine. Simply turn off the power by pushing and holding the Power button for 10 to 20 seconds until the power light turns off. Then unplug the power cable or AC adapter, and if your Dell Inspiron has a battery removal option, remove the cells. Remove any extra memory cards, USB drives, mice, keyboards, printers, and other accessories.

After removing any external devices, reconnect them correctly after a few minutes, plug in the power cable or AC adapter to the power source, then switch on your laptop by pressing and holding the Power button for 15 to 20 seconds. 

Note: If the force restart operation does not work, double-check your programs and software.    

The Second Step

When trying to figure out what’s wrong with your laptop and dealing with your system on your own, it’s best not to take any chances since you’re not a professional. As a result, you must use extreme caution while troubleshooting the issue. You need utilize a Windows 10 safe mode, Dell when booting for the second operation. This procedure has no danger, and it will assist you in determining what is causing the issue on your laptop.

If your Dell Inspiron laptop still won’t start up after the initial step, try this second option. Simply switch on your computer by hitting the Power button while simultaneously holding down the Shift key and rapidly pressing the F8 key. The Recovery Mode option will then appear on your system’s screen. Because they don’t know much about computers, many people obtain the Recovery Mode option after trying many times.

There will be numerous choices in Recovery Mode, but you must choose See advanced repair options. Then choose Troubleshooting from the drop-down menu, followed by Advanced options. Finally, choose Windows Startup Settings from the drop-down menu. Now it’s time to restart your computer. After that, you’ll be presented with an Advanced Boot Choices menu, which will enable you to boot in safe mode and provide you with three options. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. 

After that, you’ll find yourself in one of two scenarios. The first is that if your machine can boot into safe mode without issue, it indicates that there is a problem with any of your installed applications, such as antivirus software. That means you’ll need to go through the list of applications to see which one is the primary offender preventing your laptop from working. Another scenario is that your system will not start in a safe mode, indicating that your machine has a hardware issue.    

The third step

If your laptop boots into safe mode after the second step, you’ll need to remove or update any software that you suspect is causing problems. As we all know, antivirus software often causes problems, therefore first and foremost, remove antivirus software temporarily. 

Some antiviruses don’t function with certain systems, thus you’ll have to remove your antivirus to check whether your laptop works after that. In another instance, certain programs get damaged or crash and we are unaware of it; as a result, the system continues to function normally.

To do so, go to the Control panel in the Start menu, choose Programs, then Programs and Features, and select the program that is causing problems on your system. If you don’t want to remove the program, you’ll see additional choices such as Repair/Change/Update in addition to uninstalling. 

Note: After uninstalling or upgrading that program, check to see whether your laptop has resumed functioning or if the problem has persisted.  

Action number four

If your computer still won’t boot after you’ve tried the first three steps, attempt the fourth. We may pick the incorrect choice for booting our system, such as when we configure our laptop’s settings, then choose other options, and when we reset them, we choose other options. 

In such situation, you must restore the BIOS to its factory settings. You’ll need to restart your computer to do this. When the Dell logo comes on the screen, keep pressing the F12 key until Entering Setup displays in the upper right side of the screen. Select the option to revert to the default settings. If it doesn’t improve your laptop’s performance, you may upgrade the BIOS. Finally, hit the ESC key to exit the configuration panel.

Note: Before leaving the settings page, don’t forget to click the Save button to save the changes you’ve made lately.

The Fifth and Last Action

When all other options have been exhausted and none of them have worked, I believe it is time to format your computer or laptop, or to reinstall your operating system’s Windows. However, make sure that you back up all of your important information on another disk or pen drive. 

Normally, Windows is formatted by setting, but if your machine won’t start up, you’ll need to reinstall Windows in a different manner. Your hard disk will be formatted and all stored data will be erased as a result of this action. 

You must create the recovery media and then put it into a USB port or DVD drive that is appropriate for you. Shut off and then restart your laptop. When the Dell logo appears on your laptop’s screen, click the F12 button repeatedly to create a one-time boot menu. Look for UEFI BOOT and choose the USB or DVD device that best fits your media type. Select the keyboard language you’d want to use. When you see the choices to pick from on the screen, choose Troubleshoot. Finally, choose Recover from a Drive from the drop-down menu. 

Note: While formatting your machine and reinstalling Windows, you must be cool as the process may take some time.    

Inquire for assistance

If none of the previous methods work, you’ll require the most up-to-date analyzing methods for your laptop. You’ll need Dell software or Windows OS from Dell’s support or Windows support for that. If the problem persists, such as Dell laptops failing to start or lingering on a black screen, your laptop has a serious problem. You’ll need a sophisticated, methodical approach to resolve the current issue.   

We’ve Arrived

Troubleshooting is not simple for everyone, and if you have spent a lot of time trying to solve your laptop problem and your Dell machine still won’t power on or boot up, you may contact us for free assistance. All you have to do is contact us by posting in the comment box and telling us what issue is causing your laptop. We’d need all of the details, which is why we’d want you to pay attention to every little aspect of your computer or computer, as well as when the issue first occurred. We will undoubtedly assist you in resolving your laptop issue.

The how do i fix my dell computer that won’t boot up? is a question that has been asked many times. This article will help you with the steps to take if your laptop won’t boot into Windows.

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If your laptop is not booting up, it may be that the power cord is loose or damaged. Check to make sure that the power cord is plugged in all the way and that there are no problems with the pins on either end of the cord.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I force restart my Dell Inspiron?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you fix a computer that wont boot up Windows 10?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The most common cause of this issue is a failed hard drive. If the computer has been running for a long time and suddenly stops, it could be that the hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my Dell laptop that wont boot up?

If your laptop is not booting up, it may be that the power cord is loose or damaged. Check to make sure that the power cord is plugged in all the way and that there are no problems with the pins on either end of the cord.

How do I force restart my Dell Inspiron?

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

How do you fix a computer that wont boot up Windows 10?

The most common cause of this issue is a failed hard drive. If the computer has been running for a long time and suddenly stops, it could be that the hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced.

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