Best Launcher for Android Smartphones & Tablets

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There are many different ways to access your favorite apps and games on Android. But which app launcher is the best? We’ll cover the best launchers for Android in this article, with a focus on usability, design, and features.

The best launcher for android 11 is a mobile operating system that has been around since 2008. It is the most popular Android OS and typically comes pre-installed on Android devices.

The tool we use to organize, organise, and utilize applications on our Android phone is known as an Android launcher. Different home screen choices are available in launcher apps, and you may classify and organize the apps you use often in an easy-to-use way. Every Android phone comes with a set of conventional default launchers, but we may become tired with them after a while. In this situation, you may use some of the finest Android third-party launchers. We’ve included some of the finest tried-and-true Android launchers in this post. The collection of launchers below will assist all kinds of users in selecting the best launcher for their Android device. Continue reading to learn about the best launcher for your Android device!

This is a list of the top 14 Android launchers.

  • Nova Launcher is a launcher that allows you to launch
  • ASAP Launcher is a program that allows you to launch
  • POCO Launcher is a program that allows you to launch a
  • Hyperion Launcher is a launcher for Hyperion.
  • Pixel Launcher is a program that allows you to launch your
  • Live Icons for Launcher
  • Lucid Launcher is a program that allows you to launch a
  • Smart Launcher 5 is the latest version of Smart Launcher.
  • Launcher AP15
  • Action Launcher is a program that allows you to take action
  • Launcher for Lenses
  • BlackBerry Launcher is a program that allows you to launch BlackBerry
  • Hello there, Launcher!
  • GO Launcher is a program that allows you to launch a

Nova Launcher, for starters.

One of the most powerful, flexible, and configurable launchers is Nova. It comes with a plethora of sophisticated options to improve the look of your Android phone’s home screen. Custom icon themes, night mode & dark mode, configurable app drawer, subgrid placement, mobile optimization, backup, and restore are the most significant aspects of Nova launcher. Nova is one of the finest choices if you want a quick and clean launcher. Overall, it’s an Android launcher worth checking out.

2. Launcher ASAP

ASAP Launcher is a clutter-free alternative for your home screen. You may utilize it for things like quicker navigation, a minimalist design with easy modification, and so on. It offers a plethora of great themes that may be customized in terms of color. This program is worth a try if you’re searching for a customized launcher for your Android device. Overall, this launcher will provide you with a seamless experience while using your Android phone to access any applications.

3. Launcher POCO

POCO Launcher is a small, lightweight application made specifically for Android phones. This software allows you to customize your Android phone with customisable themes, wallpapers, and animations. One of the most significant features of this launcher is how it organizes the applications. You may also change the color of the app’s icon, making it easier to locate. Its new version has great bug-fixing capabilities as well as mobile optimization.

best launcher for android

Hyperion Launcher is the fourth launcher in the Hyperion series.

The Hyperion launcher is a fun to use launcher. The most appealing aspect of this app is its utilization of creative features to provide a unique user experience. It enables you to completely personalize the appearance of your Android home screen. Adaptive icons with quick access, direct access to the Google assistant, and the opening of the app drawer with vertical motions are among the most sophisticated features in this app. Overall, it’s a fantastic launcher that you can customize to your liking.

best launcher for android

Pixel Launcher is number five.

Pixel Launcher by Google LLC will function better on your Android phone since it has the most up-to-date user interface. The inclusion of a Google search bar at the top of the app drawer is a nice feature of this app. You may utilize Google Assistant as well as hide (or unhide) the app. This makes finding any program on your Android phone a lot simpler. This launcher will be a better option if customisation is your main concern.

best launcher for android

6. Live Icons in the Launcher

The only launcher with moving app icons is Launcher Live Icons. It’s a convenient and straightforward program with all of the essential functionality. There are many animation modes from which to select. The launcher includes all of the necessary launcher features, as well as customization options, wallpapers, various themes, and animated icon packs. You’ll have fast access to the Google launcher search box at the top of the home screen if you use this launcher. This is an excellent option if you want a stylish launcher with dynamic themes and live wallpaper.

best launcher for android

Lucid Launcher is number seven.

Lucid Launcher is a launcher that is reliable, useful, and configurable. A fully functioning web browser is included in the launcher, as well as icon theme support, icon editing, widgets, a sidebar for your favorite applications, and different portrait and landscape home page layouts. Overall, if you want a basic home screen with configurable app icon settings, this launcher is one of the better options.

best launcher for android

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Smart Launcher 5 (Optional)

Smart Launcher 5 is a really remarkable and one-of-a-kind Android launcher that enhances your experience. It takes up less storage space and extends the life of your battery. This program’s distinctive feature is its customized app drawer, which automatically organizes all of your applications into categories. You may also use this launcher to hide and password-protect your favorite applications. If you want an Android launcher with a customized experience, this software is an excellent option.


AP15 Launcher (version 9)

Apseren Industries was the publisher of AP15. It’s one of the tiniest home screen launchers available. It doesn’t classify the apps on your home screen, but it does order them by how often they’re used. It also keeps track of your most-used applications by tracking how many times you’ve used them. If you want a simple and configurable launcher that allows you to organize your applications in topological order, this launcher is a good option.


Action Launcher is number ten.

Action Launcher is built so that you can quickly and easily add its unique features to make your home screen stand out. Fully configurable document search, a fast glimpse of inbuilt widgets, adaptive icon support, and app shortcuts are just a few of the highlights of this program. Overall, this software is the finest choice for enhancing the appearance of your home screen via configurable settings.


11. Launcher for Lenses

Lens Launcher is an Android software that allows you to utilize and search your applications in a unique manner. The graphical effects are created using a fisheye lens, allowing you to zoom, launch, and explore any program with ease. It also has several easy-to-use options menus for things like icon scaling, icon size, lens distortion, and haptic feedback. Overall, it’s a one-of-a-kind software for quickly browsing and launching applications on your Android phone.


BlackBerry Launcher (version 12)

BlackBerry is one of the most popular Android launchers. You can modify the appearance of your home screen, including applications, widgets, and shortcuts, using this launcher. This application’s multi-step action is its distinguishing characteristic. You may quickly call or text with a single click if you enable this functionality. Overall, this launcher for Android allows you to quickly and conveniently access all of your favorite applications.


Hola Launcher (version 13)

Hola Launcher is a one-of-a-kind launcher for your phone’s maximum convenience. Wallpaper, themes, and icon settings may all be customized using this program. It also has support for dark mode. You may also conceal the icon you want with this launcher. It works nicely with Android smartphones. Overall, this software is the best and quickest launcher for Android phones.

best launcher for android

GO Launcher is number fourteen.

GO Launcher has a ton of 3D parallax themes and HD wallpapers to choose from. There are over 100,000 free HD wallpapers to choose from. Customizable background themes, motion effects on the home screen, stunning widgets, and uplifting mobile optimization are just a few of its outstanding features. As a result, this launcher will be ideal for people who wish to ditch the stock Android launcher.

GO Launcher

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To sum it up

Launchpad is one of the most important applications on any smartphone. It provides the mobile’s home screen a nice appearance and a pleasant user experience. The sophisticated features of Android launchers will save you time by allowing you to search for any app quickly. It also offers your old phone a fresh appearance. I hope you found this post useful in your search for the best launcher for your Android phone. If you have any queries about any of the Android launchers, please leave them in the comments area below.

The android launcher is a popular app that allows users to customize their Android smartphones and tablets. It has many features that allow for easy navigation through the apps on your device.

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The best launcher for Android mobile is Nova Launcher.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Whats the fastest launcher for Android?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The fastest Android launcher is Googles own Launcher.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the most customizable launcher for Android?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Nova Launcher is the most customizable launcher for Android.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best launcher for Android mobile?

The best launcher for Android mobile is Nova Launcher.

Whats the fastest launcher for Android?

The fastest Android launcher is Googles own Launcher.

What is the most customizable launcher for Android?

Nova Launcher is the most customizable launcher for Android.

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