Best Bathroom TVs In 2021 Reviews

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The best bathroom TVs are not just for watching TV, but also for getting ready in the morning. They’re built with high-quality features that make them worth the hefty price tag.

The best bathroom tv 2020 is a type of TV that is typically installed in the bathroom. These TVs are usually large, flat screens with built-in speakers and some models have an integrated water heater.

Consider how relaxing it is to sit in your bathtub and watch your favorite television show. It’s a chance to enjoy a taste of luxury while also experiencing the utmost in comfort. You may relax by watching television in your bathroom.

Ordinary televisions, on the other hand, may be harmed by the presence of moisture in your bathroom. As a result, a specifically built bathroom television may be the ideal option for you. Installing a bathroom TV is a fantasy of many homeowners.

Read a detailed guide on how to choose the best bathroom television for your requirements. For you, we’ve chosen the most dependable models.


1. The 22-inch Soulaca Bathroom TV

A high-quality, revolutionary TV with a smart mirror has been launched by Soulaca. The TV may be placed in your kitchen, hotel, or bathroom. It has the appearance of a mirror, but when you turn it off, it displays TV shows. This Android TV comes with a number of useful features. You’ll be able to watch a variety of channels on the HD LED TV. The high-resolution screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

YouTube, Google Chrome, and a number of other services are available to you. The fact that there are two remote controllers, one of which is waterproof, is the greatest feature.


  • Android 9.0 is the most recent operating system.
  • Remote control with an IP68 rating
  • Stylish in appearance
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should be included.
  • Images that are very clear

IP66 Waterproof Soulaca 22 inch Bathroom TV Smart Mirror TV Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity (2021 Model)

  • MAGIC MIRROR TV-The combination of a mirror and a television that is constantly up to date is a winning combination. When turned off, it is a mirror that displays TV shows and is placed in bathrooms, hotels, and kitchens. It was revised model in 2021 year based on previous orders client comments.
  • SMART FULL HD LED TV-With the Android 9.0 operating system, you may access channels without a TV box. There’s no need for an aerial! The TV is FULL HD ready, with a 16:9 screen and a resolution of 1920×1080, resulting in high-quality and vibrant images. Please see the product description below for additional information.
  • INTERFACE-TV/HDMI/USB x 2/Audio Out Port/LAN/Integrated Wi-Fi/Bluetooth INTERFACE-TV/HDMI/USB x 2/Audio Out Port/LAN/Integrated Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Local stations and programming are available thanks to the built-in satellite tuner with DVB-T/C/T2 reception. You can enjoy your relaxing time with all of the Smart TV features with Google Chrome, YouTube, and NetFlix already downloaded. The TV is powered by a safety voltage of 12 volts DC and mains voltage of 240 volts, with adaptors supplied.
  • DIMENSION&INSTALLATION-Unit dimensions (WxHxD): 496x315x40mm/19.5″W x 12.4″H x 1.57″D, recess measurements for In-wall: 438x276x30mm/17.2″W x 10.8″H x 1.2″D Included are an embedded bracket for in-wall use and a wall bracket for on-wall use (provide installation instruction). 1pc IP68 waterproof remote control and 1pc regular remote control (do not submerge in water) are included in the package.
  • GUARANTEE-Our product has received CE certification. All of our televisions come with a one-year guarantee, and if you have any questions, please contact us through the contact seller button. We will respond to all messages received within 24 hours.

2. Haocrown Smart Bathroom TV (19-inch)

During your spa treatment, the 19-inch TV will provide amusement. You may watch Netflix and YouTube on this smart mirror LED TV. You may also use social media sites such as Facebook.

Haocrown’s device, like other bathroom TVs, doubles as a smart mirror and a TV. The sophisticated technology feature included with the television will win you over. The television may be installed in your kitchen, swimming pool, sauna, or boat. The smart TV’s screen is rustproof, fog-free, and scratch-resistant. As a result, water contact will not harm your television. You may adjust the brightness level thanks to the MPS display technology.

You have two options for mounting the TV: wall mount or installation brackets. Furthermore, there are two types of channel scanning modes: manual and automated.


  • Set that is ultra-thin and waterproof.
  • There are no watermarks to worry about.
  • Image of excellent quality
  • Vibration Speaker Built-In
  • Mirror Panel of the Highest Quality

2021 Model Haocrown 19-inch Waterproof Bathroom TV Touchscreen Smart LED Television With Android 9.0 System Built-in Satellite Terrestrial Cable Tuner Wi-Fi Waterproof Speakers

  • EASY EIGHT-POINT TOUCHSCREEN CONTROL: Haocrown bathroom TVs have 10-point full-screen touch technology, which eliminates the need to look for a lost remote and allows you to operate your TV up to 50% quicker than with a conventional remote. You may watch all of your favorite programs while taking a luxurious bath with this hassle-free smart touch function. This update ensures that you may enjoy your bathroom TV with confidence for many years to come.
  • HAOCROWN BATHROOM TV IS IP66 PROFESSIONALLY WATERPROOF: The Haocrown bathroom TV is constructed to the highest waterproof requirements (IP66), allowing you to place it wherever you like, even near the bathtub or even beneath the shower. If you don’t want to use your remote to operate the TV, we also have a fantastic high-quality IP68 waterproof remote control for you. It will work even if it is submerged in water.
  • SMART ANDROID SYSTEM INCLUDED: Haocrown LED Television is a Smart TV with Android 9.0 operating system and HDMI2 input. Simply connect to Wi-Fi, sign in to your account, and surf the web. Watch Netflix, Youtube, the latest news, and, of course, live TV (download your provider’s app), go through your picture albums, chat with friends, and much more. Almost anything that can be done on a smartphone can also be done on the Haocrown waterproof television.
  • INSTALLATION IS EASY IN TWO MODES: The Haocrown waterproof TVs come with both a wall-mount and a recess mounting bracket, so you can pick what works best in your space. In-wall recess dimensions: 451 x 340 x 32mm (17.8″W x 13.4″H x 1.25″D). Stylish white statement frame that may be used in the shower, bathrooms, swimming pools, boats, kitchens, saunas, and anyplace else where water or moisture is a problem.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AND PROTECTION If you have any concerns regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide a quick response time of 24 hours. Supported Reception (Supported Reception): Reception Assistance DVB-T/T2 (Terrestrial), DVB-C (Cable), and DVB-S / S2 (Satellite) all enable you to watch HD programming without the need for additional decoders.


3. Haocrown Waterproof Bathroom Mirror TV (22 Inch)

During your bath time, use the touch screen to watch TV. By including this function, Haocrown has set itself apart from other bathroom televisions. The entire system will give you the finest answer. Your degree of enjoyment is raised because to the extremely responsive, user-friendly technology. The Android-based smart LED TV has a RAM capacity of about 4GB.

You may use the TV as a mirror and watch your favorite show while doing so. You may switch off the TV and utilize the mirror for your grooming session. It’s the most practical method to decorate a bathroom while still providing utility.

Waterproof speakers are another noteworthy feature. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies may be used to link them. The integrated satellite tuners may also be found here.


  • There is no need for extra decoders.
  • Installation is simple.
  • High waterproof rating of IP 66
  • Dust and humid weather are not a problem.
  • Various types of connection technologies


  • The remote control should be improved.

Full HD 1080P Built-in Android 9.0 Satellite Freeview Tuners Haocrown 22 Inch Touchscreen Bathroom TV Smart Mirror Television IP66 Waterproof Full HD 1080P Built-in Android 9.0 Satellite Freeview Tuners Bluetooth Wi-Fi (2021 Model)

  • TECHNOLOGY FOR MULTI-TOUCH INTERACTIVITY WITH 10 POINTS: The complete touch screen, which utilizes projected capacitive 10-point touch technology for smooth responsiveness, is the Haocrown mirror TV’s crowning accomplishment. It’s very responsive and simple to use. You can save time and operate the TV like a tablet with the smooth touch and beautiful screen.
  • CAN BE USED AS A SMART ANDROID TV AS WELL AS A DIGITAL TV: Full HD LED tiny smart TV, 1920×1080 resolution, high setup RAM:4 GB, ROM:64 GB, Android 9.0 system, waterproof speakers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in HDMI 2 channel, and the ability to install streaming applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and others from Google Play. With built-in Freeview and satellite tuners, you can watch Full HD programming without the need for any extra decoders.
  • HANG AS A BATHROOM MIRROR: Thanks to the TV in mirror design, you may have both a bathroom TV and a beautiful mirror. After a hard day, switch on the TV and take a soothing bath while watching a movie. When you turn it off, you have the option of decorating your bathroom.
  • DC 12V LOW VOLTAGE IP66 WATERPROOF AND SAFE DESIGNED: All Haocrown waterproof TVs feature an IP 66 high waterproof certification, are anti-fog, dust resistant, and are powered by a safe low voltage DC 12V, making them ideal for use in humid and dusty environments like luxury bathrooms, hot tub rooms, shower rooms, and hotel spas.
  • INSTALLATION IS EASY WITH THE “IN-WALL” AND “ON-WALL” OPTIONS: The waterproof bathroom TV may be installed either in a wall recess or directly on the wall. The kit will include both an embedded and a wall bracket, as well as a complete installation instructions. We provide personalized care, a worry-free 12-month experience, and a courteous 12-hour response time. Follow the steps below to get in touch with us: Click “Haocrown” (under “Add to Cart”), then “Ask a question” on the product page.

4. KUVASONG 55-inch smart television

Because it is an outdoor TV, it can withstand a variety of weather conditions. The LED screen has a very high degree of brightness. A crisp image is ensured by the 1500nits high brightness screen. Anti-glare technology is included into the compact, ultra-modern TV. Furthermore, the TV model’s brushed aluminum frame adds visual appeal. The brightness of the screen may be adjusted automatically.

You may watch your favorite channels on YouTube while also participating in social media activity.


  • Images that are vivid
  • HDMI inputs should be included.
  • The model is simple to swivel and tilt.
  • Wi-Fi technology is used in a variety of online applications.

KUVASONG 55-inch Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV for Covered Outdoor Areas, High Brightness True 1500 Nits Outdoor Television, 4K UHD, DVB-T2S2, CI+Slot, Built-in 10Wx2 speakers, plus External Soundbar

    • FOR AN OUTDOOR COVERED AREA, 55″ HIGH BRIGHTNESS OUTDOOR TV! Once your order has been verified, you will get the products within 20 days. Smart outdoor TV with TRUE 1500nits high brightness LED panel for outdoor full shade area, no problem for partial sun or strong light area, auto-adjust screen brightness according to environment from 500nits to 1500nits, full viewing angle 4K UHD LED panel with anti-glare technology, super vivid images from every angle
    • 2020’s newest and slimmest smart outdoor TV, unit size 49.72″x28.90″x1.87″ (1263x734x47.5mm), black brushed aluminum frame, 400x400mm VESA mounting pattern.
    • 55″ 4K UHK HDR Full Shade digital smart outdoor TV with DVB-T2S2, DVB-T/S/C tuner, Optical Out, HDMIx3, USBx3, AV-in, RJ45, and WIFI for limitless online programming. HDMI inputs support HDMI ARC and HDMI CEC.
    • Netflix, YouTube, VUDU, Facebook, Twitter, and Screencast are all built-in. You can not only view the newest streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, but you can also use screen mirroring to project the material from your phone to the TV. With HDMI ports, it’s compatible with most streaming TV boxes, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and others.
    • External 40W soundbar with 5 input options and tiltable and swiveling TV wall mount (Optical Input, Coax, USB, AUX, Bluetooth).

5.KUVASION Ultra Slim 43-Inch Smart TV

KUVASION is a reputable company that offers smart waterproof televisions. It may be used in the bathroom as well as any outside location, such as a poolside or patio. Under bright sunlight, the LED panel is readable. The audio output is in perfect working order. The built-in speakers are water-resistant. You may watch YouTube channels and use Facebook. The screen mirroring technology allows you to transmit material from your smartphone to your smart TV. The 4K ultra-HD TV is a one-of-a-kind model since it comes with a variety of connection options, including RJ45, HDMI, WIFI, DVB-T2S2, CI+, and DVB-T/S/C. The wall-mounting brackets must be used to attach the TV.


  • Speakers of exceptional quality
  • High-end display technology
  • Option for screencasting
  • The design is stunning.


KUVASION 43 Inch Ultra Slim All Weather Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV, High Brightness 2000 Nits, 43 Inch Weatherproof Outdoor TV, Garden TV, Swimming Pool TV, Patio TV, WIFI Wireless Televisions KUVASION 43 Inch Ultra Slim All Weather Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV, High Brightness 2000 Nits, 43 Inch Weatherproof Outdoor TV, Garden TV, Swimming Pool TV, Patio TV, WIFI Wireless Televisions

  • KUVASONG 43-inch waterproof smart outdoor TV with 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution sun readable LED panel and anti-glare LED screen technology for broad viewing angles. New and improved design, with a thickness of just 4.13″ (105mm).
  • FreeView HD, DVB-T2S2, CI+ slot, HDMIx2, USBx3, Optical out, Android smart, LAN(RJ45) and WIFI for great online programs, Android smart, LAN(RJ45) and WIFI for wonderful internet programs, FreeView HD, DVB-T2S2, CI+ slot, HDMIx2, USBx3, Optical out
  • External speakers are equipped with a built-in waterproof speaker 10Wx2 with excellent sound quality, audio out output, and optical audio output.
  • Netflix, YouTube, VUDU, Facebook, Twitter, and Screencast are all built-in. You can not only view the newest streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, but you can also use screen mirroring to project the material from your phone to the TV. With HDMI ports, it’s compatible with most streaming TV boxes, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and others.
  • Waterproof IP65 rated standard weatherized television for outdoor location, wall mountable with VESA 400x400mm.


Buying waterproof bathroom televisions: a buyer’s guide

Humidity and moisture are two possible dangers to electrical devices such as televisions. As a result, you should avoid purchasing a television that cannot withstand dampness.

In any bathroom, bathtubs and showers are quite prevalent. Some restrooms lack fans to help with moisture control. Investing in a waterproof smart TV is the safest option for you.

Other things to consider while purchasing a bathroom television-

A smart TV’s screen is an essential component. Because there are many kinds of screens, you must be familiar with their technologies.

OLED TV screens are mainly seen in high-end television sets. This is due to the fact that it emits light when the current travels through it.

LED-LCD TV displays have grown in popularity. These TVs feature smaller bezels and a sleeker design. These smart TVs are also very energy efficient.

QLED is a different kind of screen technology. To produce colored lights, the technique use a kind of semiconductor. Quantum dots are also useful for fine-tuning the image’s brightness and color. With this technique, you’ll get a high-resolution image.

Smart TVs with larger displays are always preferred by users. However, you must keep your budget in mind, since the bigger screen raises the total cost. In addition, while choosing a screen size, you must consider the viewing distance.

The resolution of the TV screen is another significant aspect. The image will be crisper if there are more pixels. For greater resolution, the price may also be higher.

The majority of 4K screens are 1080p panels. However, there are also 8K TVs available.

When purchasing a smart TV for the bathroom, several consumers ignore this aspect. You must determine the number of ports on the television. You should also look at the audio port. Because there are ports, you can connect anything.

The unit for measuring refresh rates is the Hertz. The word refers to how often the picture on your screen is updated. The standard frequency is 60 Hz. You may also search for TVs that have a faster refresh rate.


  1. What is the ideal size for my bathroom television?

The location where you want to put the bathroom TV should be your first priority. You can determine the size of the TV by measuring the available area. The size of your television must be proportionate to the size of your room. You may contact your contractor if you want to put a TV on your bathtub enclosure.

  1. What is the greatest location for a television in my bathroom?

There are many locations in your bathroom where you may put a television-

    • Above the toilet, sink, and tub
    • During a shower
    • On the summit of any podium
  1. What are the most essential features for my smart TV?

You’ll need to get a smart TV with capabilities such as wireless remote controls. In addition, some televisions include internet connection. As a result, while having a bath, you may check your emails and read the latest news.

  1. Is there anything I should be concerned about while putting a TV in my bathroom?

For TV installation in the bathroom, moisture and possible spills are significant issues. You should keep your television away from water sources. You may also protect your TV with a waterproof cover. Investing in a mirror TV, on the other hand, is the finest choice for you. The tiny gadget will serve as a mirror as well as a television.

  1. What else would I want to do except watch TV shows?

CD players, DVD players, internet connection, and radios are all available on contemporary televisions. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your television in a variety of ways.

Finally, some ideas

Are you ready to invest in a high-tech bathroom television? During your bath and spa time, you will not miss your favorite TV shows. The finest television companies have incorporated cutting-edge technology into their models. We selected bathroom televisions in a variety of pricing ranges. Know your budget and choose the best option for your needs. Give your room a regal feel. The smart TV installation will improve the entire functionality of your bathroom setup.

The waterproof bathroom tv is a new design that will be released in 2021. These TVs are designed to be waterproof and have an LED screen with a high resolution.

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