How To Create A Checklist In Google Docs And Google Sheets

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For many people, checklists are an essential part of life. They help us with tasks like grocery shopping or exercise routines, but they can also be used for business purposes to make sure you don’t forget anything before a big meeting.

The “how do i make a clickable checkbox in google docs?” is a question that has been asked by many. To create a checklist in Google Docs and Google Sheets, you need to add the following code: “

Do you skip out on things now and again and then regret it? We all find ourselves in similar situations on a regular basis. If you don’t want to end yourself in this situation, create a checklist in Google Docs or Google Sheets to keep track of your daily chores. To keep track of your company procedures or personal chores, make a to-do list.

Checklists are also useful for keeping track of email addresses to whom you wish to send essential emails. With a digital checklist, you can stay on top of your daily duties without missing any of your regular responsibilities. There’s no need to make checklists on paper papers anymore, thanks to Google Docs. If your to-do list covers three or four weeks, you may use Google Docs to construct a calendar to keep track of everything.

In Google Docs and Google Sheets, here’s how to create a checklist.

Creating a to-do list is a straightforward procedure to grasp and put into action. Google Docs makes it easy to access your checklist from your phone while you’re on the road. To mark each element in your basic checklist, you may use a variety of symbols. Let’s take a closer look at how to construct a checklist in Google Docs.

In Google Docs, Here’s How To Make A Checklist

1. Create a new Google Document. 2. Go to the Format menu and choose Checkbox list. 3. To save your checklist, type it in and hit enter.

Note: This is the fundamental method for producing a fantastic checkup list. The technique for the checklist in Google documents would be better understood if you have a full explanation of each stage in Google workspace, along with illustrations.

How To Make A Checklist In Google Docs

To keep track of your daily responsibilities, create an interactive checklist in Google Docs. To begin, go to the Google Docs homepage and sign in using your email address using the Google Chrome browser. You may also use your Google Drive account to create a new document.

Then, to create a new document, choose the Blank option.

Select Bullets & numbering from the list of choices in the drop-down menu by clicking on the Format menu in the menu bar. From the nested menu, choose Bulleted list.

Another pop-out menu will appear, this time displaying the kind of bullets you want for your list of things. As illustrated below, choose the checkbox bullets feature from the list of choices.

On the page, you’ll see that a checkbox icon has appeared. To advance to the next line, input your checklist item and hit the Enter key. You may input your full list of things this way, and the checkbox function will add bullets to each item on the list.

After you’ve filled in all of the information, here is how your finished checklist with boxes will appear. If you need to print the checklist, you may do so in Google Docs.

Checklist For Highlighting Google Docs

Users must indicate the completion status of each item included on the Google Tasks checklist after the task is completed. We may use the checkbox symbol to mark each item on the list in our scenario.

As a result, we can add a checkmark symbol to the Google Docs checkbox to indicate that a checklist item has been completed. Let’s have a look at how to accomplish it in a flash.

Simply click on the checkbox; a checkmark will appear in the box, and the checklist item associated with it will be removed.

To add the checkmark or undo the operations, use the Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut.

How To Make A Checklist In The Google Docs App

If we have digital checklists on our phones, they are always superior. Users may construct a basic checklist in Google Docs using boxes on their cellphones using the Google Docs mobile app. The checklist tools are here to assist, whether it’s a basic list, a billing account list, or an organization list.

To begin, open the Google Docs mobile app and touch the Plus symbol in the bottom right corner to start a new document.How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

Then, to activate the cursor, touch on the document. Finally, to construct the checkbox bullets, pick the checklist button.1634864731_693_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

When you hit the Enter key and advance to the next line, a checkbox will appear. Next, make a checklist by writing down the jobs or duties you need to perform.1634864732_64_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

Simply tick the Google Docs option to signify the completion status. The item on the checklist in question is crossed out, and a checkmark appears in the box. 1634864733_701_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

That concludes our discussion on how to create a checklist in Google Docs.

On a computer, how do you make a checklist in Google Sheets?

Another wonderful option to consider when creating a checklist is Google Sheets. A built-in capability in the program enables you to generate checklists on the fly.

To begin, go to Google Sheets by going to the Google Sheets homepage and clicking Go to Google Sheets.1634864735_596_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

To create a new Google document, click the Blank button. A Google Sheets document may also be opened via Google Drive.1634864736_835_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

Choose the number of cells in which you want the bullets to appear. Then, in the menu bar, click the Insert tab and choose Checkbox from the drop-down menu. In each of the marked cells, a checkbox will appear.1634864737_617_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

By clicking on a single checkbox, users may turn it on or off. A tick mark appears within the checkbox when you click it. So, after you’ve typed all of the list items in the column adjacent to the checkboxes, you may toggle the checkboxes on and off to indicate their completion state.

These are the fundamentals of using Sheets to create custom checklists.1634864739_811_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

That’s all there is to generating a checklist template using the Checkboxes feature. Because of this capability, you may use Google Sheets to create a checklist instead of using Sheets.

Using the To-Do List Template to Make A Checklist

You may also use Google Sheets’ built-in checklist template to construct your checklist. When you’ve opened a new document, go to File and pick New from the dropdown menu. Select the From template option.1634864740_366_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

After that, you’ll be sent to the Template Gallery. Google Sheets has a number of high-quality checklist templates. To access the To-do list, go to the Personal area and choose it.1634864742_778_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

The Checklist template looks like this. After you’ve entered all of your items, click the checkbox to mark the job as complete.1634864743_949_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

In Google Sheets, this is the quickest method to create a checklist in seconds.

How To Make A Checklist In The Google Sheets App

On the mobile app, users may construct a checklist template using the same checkbox functionality. Open your phone’s Sheets app and start a new Google document.1634864744_281_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

Next, choose the number of cells in which you want the checkbox to appear. Then, in the upper right corner, click on the three vertical dots.1634864746_93_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

Choose Data Validation from the drop-down menu. 1634864747_345_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

Select the Tick box option in the Criteria section. After you’ve made your selections, click Save.1634864748_212_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

The checkboxes will appear in the chosen cells. Now, in the column next to the checkboxes, enter the list of items. A tick mark will show in the checkbox when you click it, indicating that the job has been completed.1634864750_122_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

To signal the completion status of a certain activity, you may toggle them on and off, as seen in the figure above. That’s all there is to it when it comes to building a custom checklist in Sheets for mobile.

How To Import Google Keep Checklists Into Google Docs

We’ve gone through how to construct a checklist in Google Docs in great detail. When it comes to taking notes or making a numbered list, however, not everyone is accustomed to using this tool.

One of the most popular applications for making a simple checklist is Google Keep. Google now allows users to import a numbered list from Google Keep to Google Docs.

To begin, open the Google document into which the Google Keep notes will be imported. Then, on the document’s right sidebar, pick the Keep option. A new sidebar will emerge, featuring all of the notes you’ve made in Google Keep. 1634864751_379_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

To import a numbered list from Keep, click the three vertical dots of the list you want to import. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose Add to document.1634864752_303_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

When you import the numbered list into the document, it will appear like this.1634864754_143_How-To-Create-A-Checklist-In-Google-Docs-And-Google

Keep one thing in mind. Checkboxes from Google Keep cannot be imported into Google Docs. If you have checks in your checklist as bullet points in Keep, they will display as black dots in Google Docs when you import the to-do list.

When you import a checklist from Google Keep, the checkbox feature is not accessible. Because no checkbox is provided, you may use the strikethrough tool in Google Docs to indicate a job as completed.


Users may utilize digital checklists to ensure that all of their daily duties are completed. It’s a method of working that’s both disciplined and beneficial. For example, you may easily construct a checklist in Google Docs and complete your duties on time. Aside from Google Docs, you may make a to-do list on your phone or PC using Google Keep or any other note-taking program with a checklist function.

If you don’t want to use Google Docs, Google Sheets is another good option for making a to-do list. You may also make a checklist in Google Keep and then import it into Google Docs. However, the platform of choice is determined by the user’s wants and requirements.


Is it possible to make a checkbox in Google Docs?

In Google Docs, you may create a checkbox. Select Bullets & numbering from the Format menu, then Bulleted list from the Bulleted list drop-down menu. Select the checkbox list option from the checkbox list drop-down menu.

Is there a checklist template in Google Docs?

You can make a checklist in Google Docs, however there is no pre-designed checklist template.

In Google Docs mobile, how can I add a clickable checkbox?

On a mobile device, open a Google document and choose Checklist from the menu bar above the keyboard.

The “how to sum checkboxes in google sheets” is a tutorial on how to create a checklist in Google Docs and Google Sheets.

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is there a checklist feature in Google Docs?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: Google Docs does not have a checklist function.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you insert a checkable box in Google Docs?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: You have to first select the text you want then drag down on it before using your mouses right button.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I make a Checkbox in Google Sheets?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: Make a Column on your Google Sheet, then put a Checkbox in the Column.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a checklist feature in Google Docs?

A: Google Docs does not have a checklist function.

How do you insert a checkable box in Google Docs?

A: You have to first select the text you want then drag down on it before using your mouses right button.

How do I make a Checkbox in Google Sheets?

A: Make a Column on your Google Sheet, then put a Checkbox in the Column.

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