Google’s Push Feature Could Bring Apps of Chromebooks and Android Together Like Apple’s Handoff Feature

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Google will be adding a new feature to Chromebooks and Android devices called “push.” Push is an app that allows users of the two platforms to seamlessly switch between apps while keeping their data in sync. This could change how we use our computers and phones for work, play, or even school.

The android 12 desktop mode is a feature that Google has been working on for quite some time. This feature will allow users to use an Android app on their Chromebooks and vice versa.

Google’s Push Notifications Chromebooks and Android Apps Can Work Together

For individuals who work online, Apple’s Handoff function is very helpful. Users may switch between devices while working on the same project using this functionality. This implies that utilizing the Handoff function, one may complete a job using several devices. 

You may continue working on the job from another device. Google has now introduced a functionality similar to this for Android and Chromebook users. The new “Push” function has been launched, and it seems to be very creative and helpful. 

What Does Google’s New “Push” Feature Entail?

Google has been working hard to ensure that its gadgets operate together seamlessly. The business offers a collection of applications that allow you to operate from a variety of devices with ease. You can do this with Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and other Google Drive apps. 

What Does Google’s New “Push” Feature Mean?

Google has now launched a new tool for Android and Chromebook users that works similarly to Apple’s Handoff function. Apple’s Handoff function was created to allow iPhones and Macbooks to communicate with one another. Google has now released a new Push feature that allows Android and Chromebooks to work together seamlessly. 

Google originally announced this new Push functionality in February, along with the Android 12 Preview. With its most recent update, 9to5Google has found something new about this function. Google Phones and other devices, including Google Chromebooks, will get this new Push function soon. 

The article dispels any lingering questions regarding Google’s new Push function. The new Push function will be accessible as a distinct button on the Android 12 operating system, according to them. Users will be able to utilize their Phone applications straight on Chromebooks with this new functionality. 

Google’s Push Notifications

By just switching devices, you may quickly complete your project or current activities. Turning on the second device and opening comparable applications, for example, may save you a lot of time. 

On the other hand, the identical Handoff functionality will be offered for Android phones under a different codename, namely “Eche.” This allows users to mirror applications from Android phones to Chromebooks more easily. The new Push function will not be accessible on all Android smartphones, which is unfortunate. 

According to the site, the new Push function will be accessible only on Google phones. As a result, the Pixel phones will be the first to get the new Push function, which will be available on their Chromebooks. 

This functionality will be accessible first for Google’s first priority phones, i.e. Pixel phones, according to the firm. We’ll have to wait for other Android smartphones to get the same functionality. This functionality, we think, will only be accessible on high-end Android smartphones. More information is awaited. 

What are the other options for launching apps on phones and Chromebooks?

In general, there are two methods for an Android user to access his or her mobile applications on a Chromebook. We’ve compiled a list of all the ways for transferring applications from your mobile to a Chromebook. 

  1. On the Android 12 operating system, open the Recents menu and then select the Push button. 
  2. To mirror the app on Google ChromeOS, click the pop-up notice. This feature allows you to quickly replicate your phone’s applications without having to touch it. Simply click the pop-up notice, and you’re done! 

What perplexes Chromebook users about this functionality is that most ChromeOS-based laptops can run Android applications directly on their Chromebooks without the need for a native app. If Google really wants to bring anything new to the table for merging Android and Chromebook devices, they must rethink this functionality. 

Only a handful Android applications currently support Chromebooks. The bulk of Android applications will now function on Chromebooks thanks to this new capability. Those applications’ creators, on the other hand, will have to work with the new Push notification system. They need to update their applications to allow them to function with Chromebooks. 

When will you be able to use this new Push Feature?

The release date for Google’s new Push function has yet to be announced. However, as previously reported, Google may offer this functionality in conjunction with the introduction of their new Pixel 6 phone. 

In past years, the business held a product presentation event in the month of October. As a result, we anticipate seeing this new Push functionality within the next month. We’ll know more about this new feature’s availability as time goes on. 


Google working on Handoff-like ‘Push’ feature for Android & Chrome OS, starting on Pixel

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Google’s Push Feature Could Bring Apps of Chromebooks and Android Together Like Apple’s Handoff Feature. Reference: google photos alternative free.

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